PROBIOTICS: Improve one of the most important organs of the human body

A healthy intestine is the cornerstone of a good immune system. Probiotics can greatly contribute to supporting a healthy intestinal system. Our products combine 6 different strains of probiotics to help nourish the body's “DEFENSIVE FORCE” against pathogens. They also stimulate self-regulating forces and the immune system. The fiber in Probiotics also helps to accelerate this process. Moreover, the regenerative effect of probiotics has been shown in many scientific studies.


  • Naturally replicate beneficial gut microorganisms and effectively protect against pathogens
  • Strengthen the immune system through stimulating antibodies of the immune system
  • Prevent harmful microorganisms from growing in the intestinal tract
  • Optimize the absorption of vitamins and energy sources by increasing intestinal activity
  • Support to optimize the digestion of nutrients
  • Stimulate liver - intestinal circulation gently


01 time per day, 2 scoops each time (dissolve 2 scoops with 100ml of boiled water), drink before going to bed

STORAGE: Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight