Check medical sport therapy is a procedure that provides additional information for diagnoses of health problems that cannot always be detected by traditional exams like X-rays, ultrasound, computer tomography or blood tests. Inflammatory foci, chronic and latent diseases as well as allergies and dysfunctions can be detected by a comprehensive health screening system.

Biological impedance measurements examine every part of the body to detect areas of the body overreacting or weakly reacting to stimulating biological resistance. It helps to make conclusions about the disorders in the body that lead to illness.


  • Determine a suitable training time for each person's biological clock and each segment
  • Detect disorders such as allergies, environmental impacts, organ dysfunctions and underlying medical conditions
  • Collect and evaluate general moderation capabilities before surgery, treatment, vaccination and travel
  • Analyze physical and muscular systems, make recommendations about overall exercise and prevention
  • Find areas of exogenous disorder and pollution
  • Perfect combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine