Medical Tourism

Paramed is proud to be a strategic partner with senior doctors and specialists in France and Germany on surgery and treatment of complex health issues..

With this cooperation, we provide a package of consulting solutions for treatment regimens and provide a tour package to bring Vietnamese customers to Europe to perform surgeries and treatment with the highest standards in the world. Compared to the cost of treating similar problems in the US, customers of Paramed Medical tourism will save a considerable amount of money thanks to the separate European policies for the health sector, and based on the prestigious relationship between Paramed's senior experts with leading hospitals and professors in France and Germany

Moreover, Paramed is also a strategic partner to bring the world's leading professors and doctors in Europe to Vietnam to cooperate and operate in large hospitals with the most modern equipment in Vietnam on a periodic schedule, so that Vietnamese patients will have the opportunity to experience the highest quality European-standard surgical, examination and treatment services in Vietnam. .

In addition, Paramed will provide counseling and postoperative care packages after customers return to Vietnam, closely monitoring the health situation to continue to ensure the highest efficiency from their medical trip in Europe.

And in particular, one of the products that Paramed will provide to high-end customers in Vietnam is a general check-up package only available in France and Germany, and in-depth screening for cardiovascular and cancer (which are the top two complicated but preventable diseases). The whole procedure of check-up and screening until receiving the results will take place within 12 hours, this will help customers to perform during interesting trips in Europe.

With this service, Paramed strives to provide comprehensive healthcare for high-class customers in Vietnam according to the world's leading European standards with financial, efficiency, safety and reasonable criteria.


Nowadays the right thought about health is always: “Prevention is better than cure.” Surely all of us want to find reputable, professional and comprehensive medical center with leading modern technology, international expert doctors to get accurate diagnosis, help disease prevention be done in the most effective way. From that demand, Paramed cooperated with Hufeland Klinik (Germany) to introduce a special program with top-quality healthcare and comprehensive cancer screening programs with a team of professional doctors and high-class “Made in Germany” equipment.

You will travel from Vietnam to Frankfurt - the financial center of Germany and Europe on Sunday and go straight to Hufeland Klinik in about 02 hours of driving.

You will be welcomed by Hufeland Klinik and guided the procedures for registration and check-in. After completing all procedures, you will have some times to rest before starting the screening program the next day.

Hufeland is a hospital of German and European standards in the famous medical and tourism complex of Germany, Bad Mergentheim. The land of green and fresh nature that connects to some of Germany's famous shopping and tourism cultural destinations is a perfect combination with our comprehensive health care program.

Purpose of the program:

  • Perform early screening for disease and cancer, comprehensive health check and assessment
  • Perform body detox, liver detox, blood detox, digestive detox…
  • Prevent cancer and disease
  • Enhance immunity and health
  • Rejuvenate the body from the inside out and from the outside
  • Train a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally
  • Make a lifelong health care and protection plan to enjoy life
  • Experience "made in Germany" medical services that combine discovering the country, people, culture, tourism and shopping in Germany.

Program details: (schedules may vary depending on flight availability)

DAY 1 (Sunday):

Departure from Vietnam on Saturday evening and arrive at Frankfurt Airport on early Sunday morning and then move to Hufeland Klinik, check-in, take a rest and visit the site.

DAY 2 (Monday):

You will start the program at 8am

  • Checkup with doctor
  • Blood tests
  • Screening for cancer signs
  • Perform Ozone therapy
  • Specialized micronutrients minerals
  • Detox procedure

DAY 3 (Tuesday):

  • Checkup with doctor
  • Supersonic
  • The art of therapy
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Clinical examination
  • Heart test
  • Perform cell therapy
  • Foot reflexology massage therapy

DAY 4 (Wednesday):

  • Perform Ozone therapy
  • Specialized micronutrients minerals
  • Detox procedure
  • Training on healthy lifestyles
  • Massage therapy
  • Magnetic therapy

DAY 5 (Thursday):

  • Perform cell therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Color therapy

DAY 6 (Friday):

  • Ozone therapy
  • Specialized micronutrients minerals
  • Detox procedure
  • Review individual health with the doctor

DAY 7 (Saturday):

You will depart on Saturday noon to return to Vietnam on Sunday morning (in addition, you can be assisted to combine travelling, shopping outside the program before returning to Vietnam: Shopping Outlet, Frankfurt, Darmstadt …).

After returning to Vietnam, Paramed and Hufeland experts will consult and make plan to continue the procedures in Paramed to maximize the effectiveness of the care procedure in Germany. Then you will continue to experience the premium health care package delivered from Hufeland at our Paramed clinic.

The "After-Care" procedure (expected, may vary depending on the results of the consultation) includes Wisteria, Angel Oak, Ozone therapy, Colon hydrotherapy, free blood tests and health checkup up to 06 months with direct care from senior specialists of Paramed.