About Us

Paramed comes from the concept of para-medicine, which means holistic alternative medicine. Our medical specialists, who have been trained and practiced for a long time in France and Germany, the two leading countries in the development of high-tech medical industry on the world, decided to establish Paramed Clinic in Vietnam due to the practical conditions and the needs of the society.

With exclusive technology transfer of the medical equipment made in Germany and France, Paramed provides to the customers successful and high effective holistic alternative treatments for long healthy living future. Paramed’s therapies are designed to strengthen the immune system, to release the optimal energy of the cells and tissues, purify toxins, free radicals, to detox the harmful components in the blood or on the whole organism blood or on the whole organism.

In particular, with a direct consultation strategy from Paramed's senior specialists combined with the advice from leading French and German medical professors, the therapies will be extremely necessary for patients who are in the process of treating complex diseases such as cancer, ebola, mers, diabetes, gout, cardiovascular, neurological, hepatobiliary digestion, dermatology, osteoarthritis, immunosuppression, aging conditions... to makes an important contribution to improve the health and resistance of the body during treatment.

Besides, Paramed is a direct partner with the leading specialist surgical doctors from France, Germany, Singapore, USA, Japan ... to operate the Medical Tourism, to give all Vietnamese patients the opportunity to access and receive the best service and health care from the world's leading names of doctors.

Paramed's mission is to take care of a healthy "root", so that your "tree of life" is evergreen and growing from time to time.


Invest in your 100th birthday

Our Mission

The modern health care has a mission to improve the longevity and quality of life of mankind. According to the culture of thousands of generations, on special occasions, Vietnamese people always congratulate each other for the best, and one of the most heard wishes is “live to one hundred years old”.

In Germany, France and some other developed European countries, the rich have established the “100 years old” clubs and it will soon raise the limit to “120 years old”. The prerequisite for becoming a member of this club, is that beside the financial ability, you need to have knowledge and appreciate your own health.

Vietnam is witnessing an unprecedented pace of economic development after reforming and joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 2007, successfully negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) recently in October 2015 ... This fundamentally changed the intellectual level, affluence and civilized culture of Vietnamese people. In addition, there are health risks related to the environment, climate change, food hygiene and safety, work and life pressures ... and the explosion of the prevalence of complex diseases. Since then, more and more people from the rich, modern, civilized and integrated class with international trends and knowledgeable attention were paid to the need to protect and preserve their most valuable treasure, their health.

On that basis, Paramed believes that it is not impossible for us to establish a “100-year-old club” in Vietnam right now. The only condition for joining this club is to immediately find out all the information about the valuable treatments for your health - which Paramed brings from Europe.