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1. Ozone keeps your immune system strong

Ozone has the ability to regulate the immune system. When the immune system is overactive (as in autoimmune disease), ozone is reduced. Conversely, when the immune system is working poorly like in a chronic infection, ozone stimulates the immune system to rise. The unique ability of ozone stems from the activation of molecules that transmit immune information, called cytokines, such as interferon gamma, interleukin-2, population stimulation factor, and TNF-alpha ...

2. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses

Ozone interferes with the metabolism of bacterial cells, by inhibiting and blocking the activity of the enzyme control system. A sufficient amount of ozone penetrates the cell membrane and destroys bacteria. Unlike bacteria, the virus replicates in the host cell. They convert the protein of the host cell into their own protein. Ozone destroys the virus by diffusing through the protein envelope into the cell nucleus to destroy the virus's genome.  

3. Ozone increases the concentration of oxygen in cells

If we stop breathing, we will all die in 8 minutes or less. Why so? Because oxygen allows our cells to generate energy. Without oxygen, cells will not be able to generate energy, and without energy our cells will die. If the cell dies, we die. Ozone increases the amount of oxygen supplied to Red blood cells. It also makes red blood cells more 'flexible' so that they can easily move through small and long blood vessels to provide enough blood and oxygen to your tissues and organs.

4. Ozone reduces inflammation

Ozone changes the immune function by controlling oxidation, activating the body's antioxidant system, and treating inflammation.

5. Ozone can kill HIV

Ozone used in medicine contains a large amount of energy used to kill HIV, bacterial viruses and germs upon contact. Activated oxygen/ ozone can also kill HIV and viruses by using products created when Ozone is combined with body fluids. At appropriate concentrations, ozone kills 99.999% of viruses and bacteria in test tubes, water, body fluids and in the air.

6. Ozone can destroy cancer cells

The way ozone destroys abnormal cells but does not harm normal body cells because of the enzymes. All healthy cells have three enzymes that protect them from oxidation. All healthy cells need oxygen to function properly. Each cell is really an oxygen burner. Abnormal cells do not have these enzymes to protect them from oxidation. That makes all abnormal cells, including cancer cells, unable to fight off ozone.

7. Ozone anti-aging

It is important to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood and cells to prevent aging. Ozone therapy is one of the most effective ways to do this. If used properly, ozone is a "miraculous" drug capable of developing breakthroughs in medicine and anti-aging.

8. Ozone boosts energy

You breathe oxygen so it can be used to generate energy in your cells. Normally this process is not as effective as it should be, especially when humans are over the age of 30. Ozone helps to “revive” this process so you can generate more energy from the oxygen you breathe in, this is like maintaining a car's engine so that it can generate more horsepower from the fuel it consumes.

9. Ozone reduces acid

Reduce the concentration of uric acid in the body, one of the causes of gout and damage to blood vessels

SOURCE: - 2014