Angel Oak and Wisteria Therapies

Leonardo De Vinci: "The beauty, nutrition and minerals of nature are invaluable assets for those who understand, respect and obey the laws of nature."

Use high doses of vitamins, minerals and trace elements (pure extracts), for example, to increase vitality, to prevent aging, to be used by athletes, and also to support cancer treatment.

That is the principle and premise of the two WISTERIA & ANGEL OAK procedures.

These therapies originated in the United States, then Europe.

The therapies have gained increasing importance in acute as well as chronic diseases, and for preventive medicine in the United States and Europe for over 50 years.

As part of nutrition medicine, the procedure is based on our natural regulatory mechanisms and biochemical correlations. It is based on nutritional science, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, physiology, general medicine, toxins and immunology.

The purpose of WISTERIA & ANGEL OAK is to prevent, reduce or cure by changing the molecular concentrations of substances normally present in the body. The body will streamline processes and respond to biochemical stimuli. This leads to the activation and response of cellular cells, stabilizing physiological balance, early intervention of energy metabolism and metabolism, and optimization of remedy mechanisms are the most important body maintenance measures.

The prevention and treatment are closely related to each other. Mostly the micronutrients of the body rather than the pharmaceuticals (external drugs) are used.

The two WISTERIA & ANGEL OAK procedures are set designs (design according to each person's condition) in order to provide a specific procedure that is most accurate for each person, for the following purposes:

1. Rejuvenate the body by the most valuable natural method, resisting the internal oxidation of cells to bring out the youthful beauty that lasts for long periods according to scientific principles, without side effects, without affecting health and arising other risks to the body.

2. Enhance and strengthen the resistance during cancer treatment, protect the body healthy enough to help cancer patients eliminate side effects during treatment, which is the basis for effective treatment. definitive cancer outcome.

3. Solve all age-related health problems (the aging process starts from the age of 40 onwards), helping the physical and physiological state to be balanced, the body itself will eliminate the chronic problems. Common features such as insomnia, nervousness, body weakness, bad skin, physiological or cardiovascular and neurological disorders, musculoskeletal...

4. Stimulate the release of cellular-level energy in the body in order to maximize the body's protective performance of the immune system against all risk of opportunistic attack. This helps to maintain us the best resistance in all circumstances of pressure of life and work in modern society.