PRODUCT NAME: Check Medical Sport

ORIGIN: Made in Germany and exclusively distributed by Paramed


  • Measure energy stored in the body
  • Detect the source of the disease
  • Check the body's ability to regulate
  • Detect organs, parts showing signs of weakness, disorders in the body
  • Provide information about muscle training and proper nutrition
  • Make health care and preventive recommendations


  • Firstly, a low electrical current that carries an electron signal from the machine enters the body through three contacts: the head, arms and legs
  • The device will measure the impedance the body responds
  • Then the device will analyze the previous results
  • Finally return results to the computer


  • Material: High quality plastic, sophisticated design
  • Electrode made of stainless steel
  • Power: 100-220 (V)
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Connect directly to a computer to use private software programmed by Wegamed
  • Create physiological and safe electrical currents through the body (only in the form of electromagnetic electrons)
  • Perfect combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine

NOTE: People with epilepsy, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, children under 15 years old should see a doctor before starting the procedure.