PRODUCT NAME: Marry Staggs detox footbath

ORIGIN: United Kingdom and exclusively distributed by Paramed


  • Remove and remove toxins.
  • Improve liver, kidney and digestive functions.
  • Significantly reduce symptoms of headache and muscle and joint aches.


  • The device's Array generates ions
  • Ions are transferred into the prepared brine environment.
  • Finally, these negative ions seep through the foot that are soaked in water and enter the body to release, absorb and neutralize toxins in the body.


  • Power: 100-220 (V)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Ion generating arrays can be used more than 100 times/ array (can be purchased additionally)
  • Material: High quality plastic, sophisticated design
  • 2-year warranty

NOTE: People with epilepsy, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, children under 15 years old should consult a doctor before use.